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Chinese Language Services

The Haihua County Public School System (HCPSS) opens its doors to welcome students from around the globe。We are fortunate to have students from 117 countries, speaking 149 different languages, attending schools across the public school system。We want to ensure that all students and their families have access to and understand the information available on the HCPSS website。Emergency messages and some other pages have been translated into Chinese, but we encourage you to contact us for personalized support。

The Office of International Student and Family Services (OISFS) provides a variety of educational services for international students as well as students and families who do not speak fluent English。The project ensures that international students and families of students with Limited English proficiency (LEP) will also have access to information and resources on school systems, rules, and academic activities。

For more information in the language you are familiar with, please refer to the Chinese information page or call the Chinese Telephone Contact Centre。

Chinese call Center

International Student and Family Services (International Student and Family Services)

The Haihua County Public School System (HCPSS) opens its doors to students from around the world。We are fortunate to have students from 148 countries, speaking 117 different languages, enrolled in the public school system。The Haihua County Public School System provides the following services to students whose primary language is not English and their families。

Office of International Student and Family Services (OISFS)(Office of International Student and Family Services)

International Student and Family Services (OISFS) Bridges the gap between parents and teachers, ensuring that international families and communities are actively involved in their children's education and receive the support they deserve as partners in their children's education。Our staff facilitate communication between families and teachers and ensure that families also have access to the information and resources provided by the school system。We strengthen the ability of international families to enter and actively participate in a vibrant school system community。

International Student Registration Centre (ISRC) (International Student Registration Center)

Assist families in need of language assistance, test students' eligibility for ESOL education, and review foreign high school transcripts。The Office of International Student Registration provides services for Haihua County families who need language support during the registration process, as well as for families who are enrolling at schools in the United States for the first time。

  • Korean/English:
  • Spanish/English:

International student registration and transfer information (International Student Registration and Transfer Information)

Parents who plan to enroll their children in or transfer to the Haihua County Public School system for the next school year should contact the designated school district or ISRC before summer vacation begins or as soon as possible with a view to completing the registration process by mid-August。Registration applications processed less than two weeks before the first day of school do not guarantee attendance on the first day of school。Parents can enter their address on the Find School District page of the Hayward County Public School System to determine their child's school district。

Looking for school districts (School Locator)

A special reminder for high school students (A Special Note to High School Students)

Auditions and practices for all high school sports and activities begin in mid-August。All transfer students must complete registration to confirm residency and eligibility for fall sports and extracurricular activities。

Who is registered with the Office of International Student Registration (ISRC)?(Who registers at the International Student Registration Center (ISRC)?)

Parents who need language support, and/or:

  • High school age students with foreign transcripts。
  • Students are enrolled in grades 1-12 and are registered in a language other than English。
  • ESOL students who transfer from non-WIDA member States。Please contact ESOL/ISRC for the states currently participating in the WIDA Alliance。

Which students do not need to register with the International Student Registry (ISRC)?(Who does NOT register at the ISRC?)

Parents who do not require language support and are identified on the registration form as English only。

Note: Students transferring from Maryland or other STATES participating in WIDA can enroll directly at their school。

International Achievement Liaison (International Achievement Liaisons)

The International Achievement Liaison assists in cross-cultural communication and understanding between the school and international students' families。The International Achievement Liaison also serves as a member of the school intervention team and works with school staff to support international students and their families。

Interpretation services (Interpreting Services)

HCPSS has a team of certified interpreters to help students communicate with their families at school meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other appropriate school events。Interpretation services should be arranged through local schools。

Published translation (Translated HCPSS Publications)

Some linksBrowse all HCPSS publications translated into Chinese

International Student Call Center (International Call Center)

OISFS also provides Spanish and Korean language referrals for parents with questions and concerns about school matters。LEP parents can call the International Student Call Centre and leave messages in their native language。Messages will be checked and listened to daily to support Korean or Spanish speaking parents of LEP students。

  • 韩语:
  • 西语:

International Exchange Student (IES) Scheme (International Exchange Student (IES) Program)

The Haihua County Public School system benefits from the international exchange students who enroll in our high school each year。These students pass the International Educational Tourism Standards Committee (The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel, CSIET) The exchange program comes to the United States and stays with host families for a year。After the one-year exchange period, they return to finish their education in their home country。

If you have any questions about IES, please contact the Office of International Student and Family Services。

Annual International Conference on Parent Education (Annual International Parent Education Seminars)

Every spring, OISFS holds an educational workshop to promote parental involvement and enhance student academic success。

  • Please read thisWatch all the Video from the April 2011 seminar - Achieving Academic Success through Emotional Well-being (Academic Success Through Emotional Wellbeing)
  • Please call for further information on these events

International Parental Leadership Program (International Parent Leadership Program, IPLP

International Parental Leadership Program International Parent Leadership Program, IPLP) Held every fall, it aims to help parents of international students become familiar with the school system and develop the confidence to become advocates for their children。The six-week program also provides training for parents of international students to take leadership roles in schools and communities。Parents interested in the scheme should refer to the HCPSS News Application form for weekly report and meeting date。For further information, please contact。

Education BBS (Education Forums)

Coordinate educational forums for international student families during the school year。These forums help parents learn about the American education system。Participating parents learn information about American school practices and academic expectations to help their children succeed in school。For further information on education forum updates, please contact 。