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Enrollment Reports and Class Sizes

Official Enrollment Reports

Monthly Enrollment Reports

Class Size Target Ratios


Teacher to Student Ratio – 1:22

Grades 1-2

Teacher to Student Ratio – 1:20

Grades 3-5

Teacher to Student Ratio – 1:26


Teacher to Student Ratio – 1:21.4


Teacher to Student Ratio – 1:21.4

Teacher And Principal Evaluation Data

In accordance with requirements related to State Fiscal Stabilization Funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, all local school systems are required to collect and share data regarding the performance of teachers by individual schools and programs. The evaluation summary for Howard County public schools provides the percentage of teachers in each school who received a performance rating of “Satisfactory.”

  • More information about the ARRA (PDF)

Employee Costs By School

The following document identifies employee costs by school. Employee costs include salary and fringe benefit costs. The costs are also broken down by instructional, non-instructional and teaching personnel.