中间 School 天赋和才华 Program

The middle school 天赋和才华 (G/T) Education Program promotes student engagement through enrichment, 严格的课程, and opportunities to solve real-world problems and to conduct original research. The middle school G/T curriculum is developed by Howard County educators and is aligned with state and national standards.

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天赋和才华 课程概述

An accelerated and enriched program is provided for identified 学生 who may participate in one or more G/T classes. These classes replace the general education classes in each subject area and are taught on a daily basis by designated G/T content area teachers.

All Howard County public middle schools offer G/T classes in the following academic areas: 英语, 数学, 科学与社会研究. The G/T Resource Teacher works with the G/T content area teachers through an interdisciplinary planning team to assist with the implementation of a differentiated curriculum for advanced-level learners.

工作人员 Focus, Tracy Spillman, 天赋和才华 Resource Teacher, Lime Kiln 中间 School

Tracy Spillman uses her energy and creativity to connect student’s passions to engaging and effective learning experiences. 阅读更多 about how she approaches G/T education →


G/T curriculum objectives in G / T英语, 科学 and 社会研究 are embedded within the curriculum for that grade level.


G/T 课程的扩展 extend the curriculum of the G/T content area classes to provide additional rigor and challenge and to engage 学生 in advanced-level thinking, 质疑, 和研究. These offerings may be taught in collaboration with G/T content area class teachers or by the G/T Resource Teacher alone. G/T Curriculum Extension Units vary by school, with offerings such as 作家协会, 历史的一天, and 莎士比亚剧团/Festival.



The G/T 作家协会 is an extension of the 第七 grade writing program offered in all county middle schools for selected 学生 who participate in G / T英语. It provides talented writers with the opportunity to produce authentic writing based on their individual interests and to have a clear understanding of the elements that constitute compelling writing. Participating 学生 meet at least twice monthly and are expected to submit their writing for publication consideration.

The G/T Education Program publishes a countywide literary and art magazine, 龙8国际app的声音, annually to provide additional publication opportunities for 学生.


National 历史的一天 (NHD) is a highly regarded academic program for secondary school 学生. The 历史的一天 Extension is offered in most Howard County middle schools.

每年, more than half a million 学生, encouraged by thousands of teachers nationwide, participate in the NHD contest. 学生 choose historical topics related to a theme and conduct extensive primary and secondary research through libraries, 档案, 博物馆, 口述历史访谈, 和历史遗迹. After analyzing and interpreting their sources and drawing conclusions about their topics’ significance in history, 学生 present their work in original papers, 展品, performances and documentaries. These products are entered into competitions in the spring at local, state and national levels where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators.


The 莎士比亚剧团 provides an opportunity for 学生 to interpret Shakespeare’s works through a collaborative creative production. 学生 experience Shakespearean drama through a performance-based and language-centered approach as they develop a unique dramatic interpretation. Scripts may be shortened versions of a single Shakespearean play or a compilation of scenes from one or more of his works following a chosen theme. As 学生 compile the script and develop their own dramatic interpretation, they strengthen their 批判性思维, 领导, 组织, 和表达能力.


G/T Research is designed for sixth grade 学生 who participate in G / T英语 and G/T 数学, based upon the recommendation of the G/T Placement Committee. Participating 学生 receive instruction in advanced-level skills that they apply in their G/T classes. The research class provides a curricular framework for 学生 to become producers of new knowledge as they apply 研究技能 modeled in the curriculum to an original investigation in a self-selected area of study.

学生 will learn how to conduct both primary and secondary research in an effort to address a particular topic 和研究 question. As part of the secondary research process, 学生 will learn how to select and define a topic, 定位源材料, 记录笔记, and assemble a conclusion paper. While working through the primary research process, 学生 will learn how to state a research question, 州一个假设, determine the appropriate research design, 收集数据, 分析数据, 写一个结论, 并展示他们的发现. 看到 G/T 研究类 Essential Curriculum (PDF) 为进一步的细节.


学生 are placed in G/T content area classes based upon multiple criteria. The first step in the placement process includes the testing of all 学生 in Grade 5 using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and any new 学生 to 的龙8国际app手机客户端 in subsequent years. 学生 scoring in the 90th** percentile or higher on CogAT, as well as in the 90th percentile or higher on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are recommended for placement in G/T Math, G / T英语, G / T科学, G/T社会研究.

  • 天才数学
    • CogAT Quantitative-Nonverbal Composite and MAP-Math scores
  • 天赋和才华 英语
    • CogAT Verbal and MAP-Reading scores
  • 天赋和才华 社会研究
    • CogAT Verbal-Nonverbal Composite and MAP-Reading scores
  • 天赋和才华 科学
    • CogAT Verbal-Quantitative-Nonverbal Composite and MAP-Reading and MAP-Math scores

**All CogAT Percentiles and Composite scores are Grade Percentile Rank (GPR).

In addition to those 学生 whose scores fall in the 90th percentile or higher, 学生 also may be recommended to participate in G/T content classes by the school’s G/T Placement Committee. This committee reviews multiple data points related to a student’s performance, including additional assessment scores, 学生工作样本, 和成绩单等级. The committee may recommend placement at the end of elementary school or in subsequent middle school years.

If a family disagrees with the recommendation of the G/T Placement Committee, the family has the option to submit the Course Placement Review form in 的龙8国际app手机客户端 Connect, which would enroll the student in the requested class. 请联系 your current school’s G/T Resource teacher 有任何问题.

Accelerated 数学 Program

The Accelerated G/T 数学 Program allows 学生 to progress through the sequence of 数学 courses at an accelerated rate. The program is designed for 学生 who show outstanding ability and a high level of performance in 数学.

该项目包括 两个课程序列.


在第一个序列中, 学生 will enroll in the Algebra I G/T course at their respective middle schools in 6th grade and the Geometry G/T course in 7th grade. 在八年级, they will enroll in Algebra II and attend one two-hour class session each week afterschool or in the evening and use their in-school math period to complete the required weekly assignments.


In the second course sequence, a small number of 学生 will attend one two-hour class session each week afterschool or in the evening beginning in 6th grade and use their in-school math period to complete the required weekly assignments. This program benefits 学生 who are extremely advanced, independent learners. 学生 participating in this program thrive in a challenging environment with others of similar abilities and interests.

After participating in the program during their middle school years, the 学生 will proceed with advanced 数学 courses available at their respective high schools.

Successful participants in this program are expected to have:

  • strong problem-solving and abstract reasoning skills
  • strong spatial and visualization skills
  • a high level of interest in 数学
  • a high level of self-motivation and strong work ethic
  • 组织al and independent learning skills
  • the ability to communicate mathematical ideas in writing

学生 who meet the initial eligibility criteria based upon CogAT and MCAP scores will automatically be considered for this countywide program. The initial consideration criteria include CogAT 第99个百分位问N, 第99个百分位问, and 810 or higher on 4th grade PARCC Math.



G/T 教学研讨会 are designed to extend student interests beyond general exploratory experiences. 学生 develop a broad range of advanced-level skills in preparation for in-depth study and creation of a product on a chosen interest.

G / T资源教师 provide advanced-level instruction and schedule these opportunities for interested 学生. Skill development might include written, 口服, and visual communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, 研究技能, 技术技能, and skills in visual and performing arts.

电视制作, 中学读书俱乐部, and the 辩论 seminars are offered in each of the school system’s middle schools. Additional seminars are offered, 如新闻, 环境研究, 机器人, 创造性解决问题, 电影制作, 和领导能力, based upon the interests of the 学生 at the school. 老师, 学生, or parents may nominate 学生 to participate in an instructional seminar, as they are open to all 学生 based upon student interest.



As members of the television production team, 学生每天创建一个, live television broadcast utilizing highly-developed skills in journalism and technology.

Scriptwriters employ advanced journalism and 研究技能 in the selection and development of newsworthy pieces. Anchors emulate professional public speakers as they develop skills in clarity, 清晰的发音, 风度, 眼神交流, 和声音表达. Crew members utilize technology, 如相机, 搅拌机, 健全董事会, 和电脑, to maximize the effectiveness of the broadcast for a student audience. Producers and directors demonstrate 领导 skills in the management of the team and the assessment of its needs. To ensure the highest quality production, the television production team incorporates feedback gathered via primary research.


The 中学读书俱乐部, organized and led by advanced-level readers, is an intellectual collaboration where passionate readers engage in meaningful discussions of a literary work, strengthen critical reading 和领导能力 skills, hear insightful peer perspectives, 和玩得开心.

The 中学读书俱乐部 is actually composed of two related activities: 1) The school-based 中学读书俱乐部 and 2) the countywide 中学读书俱乐部. The school-based Book Club is organized by the G/T Resource Teacher and is open to avid readers in sixth, 第七, 和八年级. Each middle school reads the same literary selection each month. The G/T Resource Teacher arranges at least one meeting of the Book Club’s members each month to discuss the selection.

The countywide Book Club meetings take place once a month at Howard County Public Libraries. Two to three representatives from each school-based 中学读书俱乐部 attend the meetings for high-level, 深入的讨论. 每个月, one or two middle schools are responsible for leading the discussion of that month’s selection.


The 辩论 Instructional Seminar motivates a group of 学生 to engage in meaningful, persuasive discourse about contemporary issues, thereby strengthening their 领导, 批判性思维, 和表达能力. 学生 use 研究技能 to develop logical arguments supported with evidence to be applied to debates following a prescribed format. 辩论 skills have many cross-curricular applications and extend many curricular objectives.

The Seminar prepares participating 学生 for high school, 和潜在的大学生, 辩论 Teams in later years.


G/T 研究调查 offer the highest level of enrichment for 学生 who demonstrate a sincere interest in a particular field and a willingness to pursue this interest at an advanced-level over an extended period of time. In their roles as investigators, individuals or small groups of 学生 discover and document real-world problems, 创建原始的解决方案, and seek to fill gaps in the knowledge within a field of study. 学生 apply their knowledge of advanced-level content in their pursuit of the investigative process. This process includes formulating a problem, using the research tools and methodologies of a professional, and presenting the results to an authentic audience.

The G/T Resource Teacher provides instruction on advanced-level skills, facilitates the gathering of resource materials, and provides opportunities for feedback from professionals. Investigations generally last throughout the school year. The amount of instructional time each week with the G/T Resource Teacher depends upon the complexity of the investigation and involves additional work outside the classroom.

父母 can expect regular progress reports throughout the investigation and a formal evaluation at the conclusion of the investigation. All research investigations are displayed for community viewing at the school enrichment fairs in the spring.


每年, under the direction of the G/T Resource Teacher, middle school 学生 in Howard County Public 龙8国际app手机客户端 engage in academic pursuits that allow them to explore their intellectual curiosity. Providing an arena to spotlight these pursuits, the annual 中间 School Achievement Expo offers the opportunity for student ambassadors to participate in a professional conference where they can interact with other learners to be inspired to use their voices for change.

The conference begins with a keynote speaker, and then 学生 attend morning sessions where they listen to their peers describe their academic learning in their various fields of study. 在下午, ambassadors attend sessions presented by adult professionals who share their research methodologies to inspire the 学生’ scholarship. The conference closes with the opportunity for 学生 to synthesize their experience and complete a Declaration of Intention, stating how they will use their voices for change in the upcoming school year.


请联系 the middle school G / T资源教师 的更多信息.